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Wpf selecteditem not updating

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I would prefer something that indicated the relationship between the item and the list.But I suppose lack of familiarity always breeds confusion, which in turn breeds frustration.But in the case where the list of roles contains objects that are distinct from the user’s role reference, this doesn’t work.The reason it doesn’t work, I believe, is that Selected Item operates on equality.I thought I’d put together a quick post today on something that annoyed me and that I found unintuitive: binding with the WPF combo box.I’m doing some development following MVVM, and a situation came up in which I had a view model for editing a conceptual object in my domain.

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Here is what the amended working version looked like without overriding Equals: Items Source is the same, but instead of a Selected Item, I now have a “Selected Value” and a “Selected Value Path”.

As an experiment, I tried the following: After I put this code in place, viola, success! The combo box was now looking for matching IDs instead of reference equals.

I packed up and went home (it was late when I was doing this).

But on the drive home, I started to think about the fact that two roles having equal IDs doesn’t mean that they’re equal.

ID is an artificial database construct that I hide from users for identifying roles.