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Sparks first flew when they met on the set of the film Valentine’s Day, but their romance fizzled after only a few months and was over by that following December.

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I need to get a good job & earn enough money to propose her Nikah. In the dream I visited my cousin & while passing by, the teacher's door was open & I saw Allah written in Arabic on green background. Keep on informing them because they need to correct you people as and when necessary. Else know that muhabbat comes in the eyes from Allah Ta`ala.I dreamt I was chatting online with her about her worklife etc and when I woke up in the morning, I was happy! If you do not inform, you would be guilty of her sins Q) My parents want to get me married. So turn to him in tahajud and everything will be ok insha Allah.But I am scared that the man who will marry me will reject me on the first night itself because I do not have a beautiful body. Q) I have three elder sisters..i love them so much.parents too.i always feel that i am the bad one in my family.creates problem.cannot keep quite when my sisters are in an argument with their husband..i don't give any peaceful life to my parents..insha Allah i am getting married this aug.parents feel scared about me so much..i had a small argument with my brother in law whom i consider as my second dad..i love my family so much..i wana be a good girl..i wana be polite..i wana control myself..i don't wana create any more troubles to anyone.sisters had gone through a lot because of me.A) Stop talking for the hours you are at home, except when necessary. Email us at [email protected] for more information, and check out our website about types of advertising we offer.We get some sick shit sent in to our mailbox on the regular. However, what I saw last night made me want to puke.

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Shall i take this as a negative answer or continue doing the prayer?

Can dua remove the depression completely from my life? I have to work first and save money before getting married. Having vice to look at sex is a sign that he like to have sex, may be every second day.

When you become an aalimah, you'll be able to preserve yourself against the fitnahs of this actual time. I'm fighting with him since 10 years, but he doesnt listen. A) Try to make him do all 5 times salaah on time, in the masjid. Then do 10 minutes of ta`lim or reading a book like muntakhab ahadith for 10 minutes daily everyday.

A) First of all, cover yourself properly at home as outside also. Be distant physically even to your father and also your brother. A 16 year old youngster experience lot of sexual appetite and hence he is advised by the beloved prophet SAW to keep fast consecutively. You both may consult a nutritionist so as to reduce fats in food.

Q) I am newly married but i dont feel the need to go towards my husband. See a doctor for nutrition and communicate with each other for each other`s likings. Q) Recently my parents came 2 know that my sister bunked extra classes 2 meet her boyfriend & although I knew , I didn't tell them anything .