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“I positioned myself in college in such a way that I can’t have a meaningful romantic relationship, because I’m always busy and the people that I am interested in are always busy, too,” she said.
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Kristen stewart and robert pattison dating

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According to recent reports, Kristen’s doing all she can to leave Los Angeles on vacations with her friends as well as jobs abroad, and her biggest motivation in doing so is to forget about Rob.

Sure, it’s not working very well right now, but eventually, Kristen will be able to move on for good.

However, Kristen probably didn’t expect Rob to as apathetic to her situation as he’s being.They then reportedly hightailed it to the Chateau Marmont for post-show drinks and bites.Speculation has been swirling about whom Pattinson would date next following his split with Stewart.Nobody forced her to have an affair with her married director, Rupert Sanders.Nobody forced her to hook up with Rupert in broad daylight, and nobody forced her to publicly apologize for the affair and humiliate herself and Rob in the process."It would take someone with a really unhealthy amount of ego to be upset that everyone doesn't love them.