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Jasmine cam pink

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Pink Jasmine Vine grows fast, dense and will attach to anything close by.

Don’t plant it next to a tree because it’ll crawl up into & could eventually take it over.

If you’re the kind of gardener who loves to fertilize, then do so during spring to encourage flowering & growth with an evenly balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 or 15-15-15.

Pests: I haven’t seen this plant be bothered by too many pests.

Soil: Pink Jasmine isn’t too fussy about its soil condition.

Just make sure the soil is loose & well drained – a loamy soil is best.

While your Jasmine is establishing, the 1st year or 2 after planting, you need to water it more often.

I bet you’ve already seen it flowering like crazy around your town and are wondering how to grow Pink Jasmine Vine so that you too can also enjoy that delightful aroma.I always plant everything with a good dose of compost.If you’re planting this vine in a container, the use a good quality, organic potting soil.During the colder months water your Pink Jasmine once you see the soil is drying out.Like all plants, it needs less water during this season & you want to avoid root rot (if your soil is drains well, then you have to worry about this less).Aphids could be an issue, especially in spring on the tender new growth, but you can easily spray them off with the garden hose.