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Let me encourage you to consider learning how to study the Bible for yourself - inductively - I can assure you that you will never be able to read the Bible the same and you will begin to experience the untold joys of self discovery as the Spirit illuminates truth to your heart and mind and soul and spirit!

You just need to know how to tap into His mercies which are new every morning . A lament is an expression of grief, of mourning, of sorrow. REFRAINVocal by Fernando Ortega-variation tune Vocal by Steve Green Vocal by Ce Ce Winans Vocal by Selah - Begin by downloading Lesson 1 on Lamentations from Precept Ministries - this will get you started and give you a good overview of the book (if you want to purchase the remaining lessons - Lamentations Workbook - 3 Lessons).

And then to make matters worse, we think there is no sorrow like our sorrow—and a twinge of envy creeps into our hearts as we look at those who have what we’ve dreamed of and missed. All I have needed Thy hand hath provided; Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

After you have charted out Lamentations, compare your observations with the table below.

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LAMENTATIONS RESOURCES Commentaries, Sermons, Illustrations, Devotionals Click chart to enlarge Charts from recommended resource Jensen's Survey of the OT - used by permission Lamentations Chart from Charles Swindoll Another Lamentations Chart JEREMIAH - A BOOK OF WARNING LAMENTATIONS - A BOOK OF MOURNING HOPE AND HEALING IN THE AFTERMATH OF REBELLION AGAINST THE MOST HIGH GOD How do people survive when they have no hope? Study Lamentations and get a glimpse of the God whose compassions never fail. When it acknowledges God but does not honor Him as God? Reconstruct the shambles of life and make it worth living again? Surely we have each been there at one time or another. Print the book of Lamentations (pages 27-35) double spaced with wide margins which facilitates marking the text and recording your observations (such as key words - see below). As you read this poem-dirge observe carefully who is speaking: Jehovah , Jerusalem, Jeremiah.