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Updating the record using cursor

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The cursor has some degree of sensitivity to any updates or deletions made to the rows underlying its result table.

Once the cursor is opened, it does not have sensitivity to inserts, updates, or deletions of rows underlying its result table.

SELECT-INTO offers the fastest and simplest way to fetch a single row from a SELECT statement.

The syntax of this statement is The PL/SQL Challenge question in last issue’s “Wrap Up Your Code in a Neat Package” article focused on how the values assigned to package-level variables persist in your session and asked, “Which of the choices will display ‘3’ after execution?

At that point, a No Data condition fires with SQLSTATE value '02000'.

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DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR NOT FOUND SET done=1; OPEN cursor1; cursor_loop: LOOP FETCH cursor1 INTO var1, var2, var3; IF done=1 THEN LEAVE cursor_loop; END IF; -- Do something with the row fetched.” In the print version of the article, only choice a was correct.In the online version (which also matches the quiz offered at PL/SQL Challenge, both a and b are correct.Cursor management of DML statements is handled by Oracle Database, but PL/SQL offers several ways to define and manipulate cursors to execute SELECT statements.This article focuses on the most-common ways programmers execute SELECT statements in PL/SQL, namely At the end of the article, I offer some quick tips to help you figure out which of these techniques you should use for different scenarios.As with all database tools, you must carefully consider how cursors meet the needs of your users and determine whether using them within a procedure or function will provide the best solution to the problem you are attempting to solve.