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Watch the video on Radar “Given recent events in my client’s life, she has decided to file for divorce and move forward with her life,” Evelyn’s attorney exclusively told Radar

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A stack of signs in a corner urged “No on 205,” the recreational-marijuana proposition on the ballot. A life-size cutout of Trump greeted each member at the door.“Take my picture!” a woman dressed in all red said, bounding into the room.The only way to stop her, they decided, was to get Republicans to the polls.Voter turnout here has historically hung at least 5 percentage points below the rest of the state.

Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women The City of Santa Cruz Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women National Domestic Violence Hotline National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.799.Although Democrats hold Arizona’s 1st Congressional District and 7th Legislative District, the boundaries of both barely poke into Mohave County.People here don’t count that.“No one is going to get elected as a Democrat in Mohave County,” Ward said.She cozied up to the cardboard candidate and laid a hand on its chest. AZ'S FOUR CORNERS: In the northwest, hanging on to a piece of home Trump would win in Mohave County, that much was assured.But the rest of Arizona was tilting toward the Democrats: Hillary Clinton had taken the lead in some presidential polls and voters were flirting with legalizing marijuana.Trump was seeking final approval for the Taj Mahal Casino Resort, one of the world's largest casino complexes.