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(19) View selector - click on the view you want to modify or apply to the camera, selected view when saving defines the default view which will be auto loaded when game starts.(20) Auto-hide HUD (view related) - if the box is checked, the HUD will be automatically hidden when the corresponding view is selected.(8) FOV slider - changes the field of view, flips the camera if value is hidden you can press this button to displays it on top of all windows, it also sets its Top Most value to 1.(12) Enable or disable the mod, restart the table to apply changes.

https:// --------------------- If you have questions about the mod, suggestions, feature ideas, don't hesitate to ask!The mod has been updated recently with some extra features and is now capable of custom backglass artwork and scoring displays on a separate monitor then the playfield itself, it also allows the : - The mod requires Microsoft . - Extract the content of the mod's archive somewhere on your HDD.- Make sure that file is located in the same folder as TPAFree Cam (13) Auto-hide HUD (if no *file is loaded) - if this box is checked, the ingame HUD is automatically hidden when the game starts.(14) If checked, the cam values are applied to the sliders when game starts, otherwise sliders values are applied to the camera.--------------------- : - Right-click menu on mod's traybar icon, to generate offline file, settings (coming soon), etc.