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And everywhere, on land, and in the azure seas, are humps of white limestone karst outcroppings rendered even more dramatic as the sun sets and orange flames lick across the ocean to ignite the tableau.

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A similar claim was made by Sarah Jayne Dunn who played Mandy Richardson, who left in 2006 to pursue other projects The departure of Alex Carter and Gemma Atkinson, who played siblings Lee and Lisa Hunter in 2005 caused producer David Hanson, who had taken over from Hallows in January that year, to write out the characters' parents Les (John Graham Davies) and Sally (Katherine Dow Blyton).

At the same time Du Toit left for an acting career in Los Angeles.

The number of attendees was far in excess of anticipations - indeed, there were thousands - but it is claimed Helen Noble also left but agreed to return for four more episodes in 2005 and has claimed that the possibility of returning again remains open.

She left her position when the viewing figures declined, being replaced in 2010 by Paul Marquess, who began with a shake-up of the production team, the biggest cast cull since the show began and the introduction of over twenty new characters.

Marquess stepped down from the role after one year and Gareth Philips took his position.

During this period Hollyoaks began to receive higher viewing figures, won a higher number of awards and received praise from those who had previously criticised the show for its acting and storylines.

Kirkwood's deputy, Lucy Allan, replaced him and continued many of the themes as well as using devices such as a non-linear week of episodes which saw the episodes shown out of chronological order so as to keep viewers guessing how the events came to happen, a flash forward episode which saw the events of six months into the future were shown, a baby-snatch story and a child murder plot.