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So, what follows is our carefully considered pick of timeless romantic (and at times unconventional) date ideas in Cape Town to help you hit the right note in your blossoming relationship.

From dinner theatre and stand-up comedy to sunset cruises and open-air cinema, this overview includes a little something for all tastes and types, pockets and penchants.

With trendy eateries, intimate bars and scenic wine estates on every corner and a plethora of fun, innovative activities at every turn, Cape Town is chock-a-block with great options for a memorable romantic rendezvous, whether it’s a first date or a 50th anniversary.

Nevertheless, despite the breadth of alternatives available, when it come to arranging a top-notch date with a prospective sweetheart (or even a long-term partner), it can be a challenge to come up with an original fail-proof plan.

First, you have to lift the whole weight of your body with only one leg; and second, this exercise requires an extreme amount of balance.” Lunge Jumps“Lunge jumps work legs strength, power, and endurance.

A couple sets of high-rep lunge jumps will make you feel like you sprinted a 5K!

As long as you push yourself and move quickly from exercise to exercise, you’ll be able to get through some productive workouts in a short period of time.

Feel free to mix and match these exercises so your out-of-gym workouts don’t get stale, while addressing every part of the body.

Perform 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps per side.” These are exercises you can do pretty much anywhere, but how much time should you be ready to put in to maintain the fitness level you’ve attained and grown used to? According to Duffy, this can range from as little as 20 minutes once a week for beginners to 45 minutes three times a week for high-level athletes.Fine examples include expansive botanical garden Kirstenbosch, one of the Mother City’s many pristine beaches (the idyllic Clifton Fourth at sunset is a favourite choice) or one of the several viewing sites along Chapman’s Peak Drive, a spectacular stretch of rocky coastline near Hout Bay.Should you decide to go the simpler route and recruit The Picnic Company to prepare your meal for you, consider opting for their Mezze Picnic (think Mediterranean finger foods like dolmades, pitas and nougat bites) or Afternoon Tea Picnic (it includes cucumber and smoked trout sandwiches, freshly baked scones and more), both of which are specifically designed for two.Regardless, most of you will probably fall somewhere in the middle, which Durkin addresses: “Do something,” he says. Do them early in the morning, and don’t settle for taking two weeks completely away from working out.Though it’s a well-known fact that Cape Town swoons visitors from around the world, the Mother City, with her splendid natural beauty, also happens to be a prime place to fall in love.Here, we’ve put together some exercises, tips, and advice from well-known trainers throughout the country to make sure you’re not dreading the gym when you get around to that New Year’s Day hangover.